EP 24: Congressman Cleaver Criticizes Toxic Kavanaugh Debate

Less than two hours after Senator Susan Collins of Maine announced she was voting to approve Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, we spoke with 7-term Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City about the inflammatory debate.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is a vocal critic about the tone of debate during the Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the United States Supreme Court

He is considered one of the more congenial debaters of political issues and topics, and talks about a close relationship with former Missouri Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond. The two, while in different parties, are well-known for being good friends who never endorsed the opposition when both were running reelection campaigns. Simon Says highlighted the bipartisan effort by Bond when forming the Missouri-based Hawthorn Foundation in 1982 when we interviewed Executive Director Steve Oslica on Labor Day in Episode 14. That episode is the 3rd most listened to among all Simon Says interviews, which proves people do want to hear first-hand stories about bipartisan work by organizations and politicians.

Congressman Cleaver also shares his secret how he prevents inflammatory partisan emotion.

He regularly demonstrates his willingness to talk with the other side of politics with regular interviews on Fox News Channel with Neil Cavuto.

I hope you enjoy the interview. I covered Congressman Cleaver full-time when he was the Mayor of Kansas City, and as the well-known minister of the St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City from 1974-2009, he married my then-wife and me in 2000.

My marriage didn’t last. Congressman Cleaver’s willingness to listen and compromise lives on after 39 years in politics.

Enjoy the interview and please, share it with you friends on social media. It’s well worth it.

Scott Simon, Simon Says

EP 24: Congressman Cleaver Criticizes Toxic Kavanaugh Debate

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