Nevada Casino’s Fake Advertising Matches Fake News

A Mesquite, Nevada casino woke up my senses this morning more than nuclear coffee after seeing fake advertising that rivals fake news.

Casablanca resort is running an ad on Channel 13 in Las Vegas saying meat for one of  its restaurants comes from the “Chicago Stockyards.”

The famed Chicago Stockyards closed in 1971. Yet, Casablanca casino in Nevada says its gets its steaks from there!

There’s a big problem with that. The Chicago Stockyards, famed by Frank Sinatra in My Kind of Town, closed in 1971. The Joliet Stockyards, which I covered as a radio reporter for WDND-FM, Wilmington, Illinois from 1983-85 with the help of Steve Smith, closed its doors in 1987. The Omaha Stockyards closed it 1999.

The Peoria Stockyards hung around somehow. It closed it doors at the end of 2016. If I only had an audio recording of Dick Herm, a long-time broker at the yards who provided radio reports of trade free of charge to stations like WDND and WSDR-AM in Sterling, Illinois. He was more entertaining that 75% of professional full-time broadcasters.

Fake advertising has been around a lot longer and keeps the Federal Trade Commission busy, investigating complaints, particularly claims by drug and supplement manufacturers fooling us with the latest cure-all.

But this example is pretty bad. Information is readily and freely available online with facts. And this ad is 5 years old! The ad is well-produced with great still shots of casinos from original classic Las Vegas.

I don’t think I’ll be eating at a restaurant whose meat is now 48 years old since it comes from the Chicago Stockyards, unless they can show me the special aging process.

And  can we completely trust a casino who’s loose with the facts in an ad about one of its restaurants? I’m sure the casino folks at Casablanca are above board, but this ad sticks out to me as a bad image.

What’s your most memorable example of fake advertising? Tell me in the comment section.

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