EP 35: Three Las Vegas Downtown Projects Continues Growth

EP 35: Three Las Vegas Downtown Projects Continues Growth

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Jay Kersting has a new job since his last appearance on Simon Says. Listen to find out where and what – and why it will make him a doubly powerful Las Vegas travel expert

Three Las Vegas Downtown construction projects are underway that continues to rank the city in the U.S. Top 5 for economic growth.

The projects  include new hotel rooms at 2 properties and a new convention facility. Simon Says Las Vegas travel expert Jay Kersting talks about it and also tells us about his new work in the airline industry.

Las Vegas is a place everyone can visit. It’s not just about gambling. We have more name entertainers on one night than New York and Chicago combined.

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas in 2019?
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Enjoy the episode and start planning to book a room downtown when these rooms open in 2020.


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