EP 22: The ESP of Scott Simon in Las Vegas October 1, 2017

EP 22: The ESP of Scott Simon in Las Vegas October 1, 2017

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October 1st will haunt Las Vegas forever because 58 people were killed by a madman that day in 2017. It also will haunt me because of a thought I had about a half hour before the incident, and being in Las Vegas at the time.

I had a small degree of ESP – extra sensory perception.

It happened at a time I was recovering in a hospital, and had emerged from a coma just a few days earlier. October 1, 2017 showed me that not only was I recovering, but that my mind had not been adversely affected, and that when fully recovered, I would eventually be as close to myself as I was before my heart attack and double pneumonia.

The irony of this story is I don’t believe in the paranormal. But two things happened in my life that could be categorized as such, and I talk about the first incident toward the end of the episode.

I air this episode because it’s a unique story on a horrible day, not just in Las Vegas, but for us in America, continuing the number of mass murder incidents.

The marration is unscripted and was recorded in one take, unedited except for the music theme.

Will I ever have an ESP moment again? I don’t know. I don’t own a crystal ball. ESP is spontaneous and cannot be predicted. ESP is an act of prediction.

God, look over the families affected by that incident, and thank you for healing me so I can tell my story.


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