EP 27: The Libertarian Effort in a Heated 2018 Election

EP 27: The Libertarian Effort in a Heated 2018 Election

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Libertarian candidates running in a heated 2018 election are attempting to make gains and one of them is Nick Kasoff, a Republican-turned-Libertarian, and is running for St. Louis County Executive in Missouri.

Nick Kasoff is a Libertarian candidate for St. Louis County Executive in Missouri and talks about how the two-party system is failing.

Nick lives in Ferguson, Mo. and saw first hand the 2014 riots resulting from the shooting death of Michael Brown by police.

The riot in his town didn’t prompt him to run for office. Nick already was active in his community, more than just Ferguson, but the St. Louis metro area. As a former radio talk show host on WGNU 920 AM, Nick heard first hand the stories of residents, many more urban than suburban.

In time, Nick saw the effect of two-party politics and decided neither were solving problems. He got the attention of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch which invited him to interview with the paper’s editorial board, which told him they normally didn’t invite candidates who weren’t Republican or Democrat.

One reason the paper chose to interview Nick is they ran several stories about incumbent Steve Stenger about shady, non-transparent deals secured for friends of the County Executive.

The Post-Dispatch endorsed Stenger with the strangest editorial I’ve seen published in 45 years. The headline will catch your attention. Readers noticed.

Nick blames mainstream media for fostering the two-political-party dynamic and talks about it in this episode.

Simon Says appreciates Nick returning after his interview August 9 about the four-year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting. Yours truly, Simon Says, will not be interviewing any Republican candidates for this election, even though I have primarily voted for them in the past 38 years. I was proud to have interviewed Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver who has proven to be a fair man and listens to the other side. I am proud to have worked for an outstanding Democrat candidate for Congress, Steve Danner of Missouri, who now serves that state as its Adjutant General of the state’s National Guard.

I still support Donald Trump. I don’t like what he says or how he says in many times, but I do like what he does. But I vow to give the other side a voice, and Libertarians like Nick Kasoff should be heard more, not less.

I hope you enjoy this interview. It’s above board, and of interest to anyone.

Scott Simon, Simon Says


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