EP 26: 2019 Medicare Enrollment Tips, Part 1

EP 26: 2019 Medicare Enrollment Tips, Part 1

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2019 Medicare enrollment began Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 15. This is the first of 3 episodes with tips how to get more out of your Medicare health plans and save money.

I work in the field as a Certified Part D Prescription Drug Plan advocate for UnitedHealthcare. My training was an intensive seven-week curriculum equivalent to 16 semester hours in college.

Even though Medicare is for those 65 years of age and older or anyone with a qualified disability, anyone should listen to it since most of us will enroll in Medicare in our lifetime.

Enjoy the episode, comment if you will, and share with your friends.

I hope you enjoyed the previous episode on long-term care with Matt McCann. Please remember Matt in your thoughts; his mother passed away shortly after the episode was published. It was his mom and her health needs in 1998 that moved Matt to work in long-term care insurance and planning.

Our next episode, #27, will address Libertarian politics, with Nick Kasoff returning to Simon Says, since he is a Libertarian candidate for St. Louis County (Mo.) Executive.

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