EP 15: Scott Simon’s One Year Anniversary Date with Death

At the exact time one year ago from the time and date this episode is published, 10:15 a.m. PDT on September 8, 2018, I had one foot through death’s door, and today, I tell my story leading up to what happened that day which will remind me and haunt me forever.

I am telling this story as a narration of my life, events, and things on my mind leading up to that fateful day.

This story is being told because everyone at one time or another has had thoughts about their mortality. There are others like me who’ve lived to tell about it. Other’s aren’t as fortunate and they are close to you as well as me, then we occasionally think about them, and simultaneous miss them.

Things in life is a snapshot picture and that’s what this episode is, in audio form.

This episode is the first of three parts. Parts 2 and 3 will be published Sept. 28 and October 1. Simon Says will have more interview episodes in the interim.

But sit back and listen. Reflect on your life. If you believe in God like I do, pray to thank Him for your life on earth. I really am not getting any thrill from doing this. Fact is, I’m not much of a horror movie or deep mystery fan. I think of many others who aren’t as fortunate as you and me and that’s sad. They’re no longer with us. Millions of them had so much spirit and energy we all could benefit from, but have to miss out. In my day job, I process Part D Medicare prescription drug plan issues for mostly senior citizens, of which I’m very close to being, or those who are handicapped. I feel their pain and suffering and try my best to lift their spirits.

We all have pain and suffering. It’s what keeps us grounded. What happened to me a year ago does just that.

Scott Simon, Simon Says


EP 15: Scott Simon’s One Year Anniversary Date with Death

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