EP 17: Fake News, Is It Real or Fake?

Fake news is now a phrase that millions of people use in everyday conversation. but it is a serious charge against journalists and organizations, which affects their reputation, credibility, and reliability.

Simon Says will address this topic on a regular basis. At first, emphasis will attempt to define fake news but also educate listeners about different types of journalism.

Dale Forbis is an Editor and Newswriter for Learfield Communications and was a radio news director in Tulsa, Kansas City, St. Louis, the Wisconsin Radio Network, and Metro Networks in Miami

Dale Forbis will be a contributor to Simon Says on this topic. He is an Editor and Newswriter for Learfield Communications, whose clients are statewide radio networks such as the MissouriNet and Wisconsin Radio Network.

Dale has been the news director for the Wisconsin Radio Network, KRMG radio in Tulsa, KMBZ radio in Kansas City, KTRS radio in St Louis, and Metro Networks in Miami.

The fake news issue isn’t going away with President Trump in office raising the question weekly. Simon Says has extended invitation to other journalism leaders to be contributors about this issue. Two who have agreed to talk about this topic are experts in social media and online journalism. Simon Says believes we will be ahead of the curve in educating you what is real and what is fake.

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And a topic we will be addressing in the near future is Nike. Is the so-called boycott talk real or fake? Rob Plaza of Key Private Bank, who joined us this summer as our financial expert, performs in-depth research on the company, whether they are in the news or not. What Rob will tell you on Simon Says won’t be heard or seen anywhere else, except for locations like CNBC where Rob has been a frequent guest for years.

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EP 17: Fake News, Is It Real or Fake?

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