EP 16: Las Vegas Travel Tips for Newbies: Fremont St. Downtown

This is the second episode on Simon Says featuring Las Vegas travel tips for newbies, this time focusing downtown on Fremont Street.

Jay Kersting is a veteran of guest services and marketing for Las Vegas casinos and resorts, and has the answers you need for travel.

Jay Kersting returns as our expert and I will also add my experience as a frequent Las Vegas Fremont Street just over the years, starting in 1978.

The Fremont St. Experience in Downtown Las Vegas continues to evolve as a go-to destination for wanting something different from the Las Vegas Strip. We appreciate the interest in these Las Vegas travel tips for newbies, those of you who have never been to Las Vegas or maybe just once or twice. Our previous episode is the second most listened to episode on Simon Says. It goes to show that people are interested in Las Vegas as a vacation destination and that’s no surprise.

McCarran Airport is the 8th busiest in North America. It’s going to surpass 50-million passengers this year  Kansas City is a comparable size market which saw about 12-million passengers last year, its third biggest annual total.

Las Vegas does not do this based on gambling. As Jay pointed out, about two-thirds of the tourist revenue it’s generated from entertainment, food and beverage. When you have Britney Spears, Cher (back in Las Vegas this fall), Lady Gaga (who is returning later this year for residency performances), and Mariah Carey performing on the same night less than a mile apart from each other, there isn’t an entertainment market in the world that can compete with that.

Please listen to the end: I will share the famous music acts appearing the rest of the year on Fremont St. A tip – one of the acts will be The Charlie Daniels Bank. They’ll be at the Golden Nugget – not at Gilley’s on the Strip even though the band was famous for appearing in Gilley’s for the 1981 movie Urban Cowboy. 

At various times of the year, Las Vegas will be the home of 30 conventions at the same time. there are mid-sized cities in this country that would be ecstatic if it could host 30 conventions in an entire year.

Las Vegas has it all. I borrowed that line from St. Louis which used it as a slogan line in the 1970s when it was a hustling, bustling market. Las Vegas is all that and more and that’s why our travel tips segments with Jay Kersting will be on going. Please share this with your friends especially those who have not been to Las Vegas or had talked about coming here.

We have another great episode on Simon Says later this week that you won’t want to miss. We are going to tackle the topic of fake news, since it is mentioned nearly every day by newsmakers.

Then we have reached out to a well-known congressman for an interview on the topic of bipartisanship which we started on Labor Day with Steve Oslica of the Hawthorne Foundation.

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EP 16: Las Vegas Travel Tips for Newbies: Fremont St. Downtown

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