EP 31: It’s Not a Government Shutdown and the Number of Days is Wrong

EP 31: It’s Not a Government Shutdown and the Number of Days is Wrong

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Happy New Year to all of you in 2019. I’ll bet some of you were thinking I had abruptly ended my podcast.

Well, only temporarily. Listen to Episode 30 and you’ll find out why The writing process went so well toward the end of last year that I have enough for a book. But that leads to the hard work which is editing it. All of the stories will have to reviewed. Some of them may not make to final edition. I may come up with new stories. All I know is I am having fun writing it and learning about the publishing process in the 21st Century. It sure has changed, even in the past 10 years, when I pursued writing a book about bowling great Mark Roth.

:Ben McWhorter is one of the best media consultants in the country. How can you not love a guy who wears a bow tie AND sunglasses?

I really shouldn’t digress as much as I do, but people actually write and tell me they like what I present, even if they disagree. The most recent was Ben McWhorter, my good friend in Knoxville and really one of the best radio advertising sales and marketing consultants in the United States. I had the good fortune of working with him at WNOX/WIVK radio and glad I did.

Want to know how insightful Ben is about his field? Visit his website and if you have the need to upgrade your station, give him a call. It’ll be worth it.

Besides, how can you not love a guy like Ben who is a huge fan of the American Basketball Association and lover of 3 Maine Coon cats?.

I’ve written about hard work and leaders in their field. We’re not seeing that today in Washington D.C. The government standoff today is 30 days old on the calendar. That number is an error. You now will have to listen to find out the error and why.

It’s also not a shutdown. You’ll have to listen to why calling it that is an error.

Thanks for coming back. Thanks for listening, and thank you for your input.

Scott Simon, Simon Says


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