EP 34: Simon Says retirement advice to help you plan success

EP 34: Simon Says retirement advice to help you plan success

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I, Scott Simon, declare I am happy today, my first day of retirement, February 9, 2019. Listen to my podcast and find out what transformed me.

Today is the first day of my retirement and I now am sharing my retirement advice with a nearly 12-year-old time frame to help you change your attitude, approach, and result in success.

I am a happier person today because of what I learned. I am sharing with you to make your retirement planning easier.

This is another in a series of  Simon Says Short Stories. After you listen to this episode, step 2 is for you to listen to a related-episode I produced  last year with Matt McCann about medical issues you need to address when planning your retirement.

Matt a nationally-known leader in this area of retirement planning and I urge you to call him as soon as you can while time is on your side.

I addrfess “Time on Your Side” in my Short Story. It’s one thing that transformed me to where I am at today, February 9, 2019, my first official day of retirement.

Enjoy listening and please, share this with your friends. It’s that important.

Scott Simon, Simon Says

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