EP 37: Actor Smollett Drama Spotlights Parent Problem

EP 37: Actor Smollett Drama Spotlights Parent Problem

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Should Jussie Smollett be from Empire?

The spotlight on actor Jussie Smollett should target parents. His arrest continues publicized bad behavior often stopped by strong parenting.

This podcast episode continues an effort I started years ago. It’s about behavior. It’s about making a deifference.

I didn’t know much about Smollett until the incident. I’ve watched just 1 episode of Empire. But I learned more about him than is “face value” from a TV show. I’ll talk about it in the episode.

But it took an incident a few days later in Washington D.C. to push me over the edge and produce this episode. Hear my comments about the incident and the person who is the focal point – someone I disagree with most of the time, but this time, back her 100%. It’s about the Green New Deal. I think the proposal by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is off the charts. The behavior I see in people like Smollett are off the charts too.

I am tired of haring the “made-a-bad-decision” excuse. Too many people have no clue knowing right from wrong and practicing the Golden Rule?

End the drama now! I’m not referencing his drama in the theatrical method of his profession. I am calling him out for bad behavior creating drama using emotionally-sensitive issues. Fans of my Facebook page has seen my posts over the years that bad behavior is the number 1 societal problem in America.

Smollett is in the age demographic of self-absorbed focus which involves the constant drive for look-at-me fame. They behave after seeing examples. Put parents at the top of the list. And, you’ll be able to hear the example in this episode from an even younger age demographic.

Comment on how you reared your children to do the right things in life and tell us about examples of bad parenting you’ve seen.

And give your answer in our poll; should Jussie Smollett be fired by Fox from the show Empire for his behavior?

Should Jussie Smollet Be Fired from Empire?
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