EP 53: Why Facebook Is a Must for Great Storytelling

EP 53 Why Facebook Use is a Must for Great Storytelling

If you want to reach more people for great storytelling, then you must use and network Facebook as your top priority.

Great storytelling requires a place where people can find your great stories. It can be in a printed book, an digital-edition book, your own website blog, social media sites, or even online forums. In episode 53 of Simon Says Stories, I’ll tell why using Facebook is a must for any storyteller.

Three things you’ll hear in this episode:

  1. Why Facebook is better than Twitter for storytelling
  2. Facebook reaches many more people worldwide with stats
  3. Why visual appeal is important

Everyone needs to define what kind of storyteller they want to be. Do you want to be a great storyteller to better entertain friends, or do you want to take the plunge and try to monetize your storytelling, either part-time or full-time. That’s the great thing about storytelling. We all do it. We all have different reasons for storytelling.

What audience do you want to reach?

This episode is good for you novice storytellers because I tell you why you need to define what audience you want to reach and why. It will end up marginalizing your reach at first but in the long-run, you’ll adjust to connect with thousands of others as you get better and more comfortable telling your story other than your voice.

Why I love Facebook

I love using Facebook. I’ll tell you why in the episode. It’s very personal. I often thought about a different impact for me from something that happened to me in recent years. What would my life be like today if there was no social media, or online storytelling tools?

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One of them is this episode I published about storytelling in journalism. For Simon Says Storytelling, Episode 13 is a lucky number.


EP 53: Why Facebook Is a Must for Great Storytelling

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