EP 54: Why Twitter isn’t for Storytellers

Why Twitter Isn't Good for Storytelling

Twitter isn’t for storytellers and you’ll benefit more if you use Facebook and Linkedin.

Twitter has more value for those wishing to make statements or positions. It’s format penalizes storytelling.

Twitter can trap you

I fell into the digital trap that I had to be a part of everything to reach everyone. I signed up for a Twitter account years ago but rarely used it. That’s what prompted me to produce this episode.

My response to Twitter believers

Ask yourself who is the biggest promoter of Twitter use today then ask yourself if that person is telling stories when he or she tweets. Listen to the episode which person I cite.

What 2 things makes Facebook better than Twitter for storytelling

Video is one reason and I explain what Facebook does than Twitter has been asleep at the switch about for 3 years. The other is about content – and no story can be told well if the content can’t grab focus and attention.

I’m not alone in my opinion about Twitter

More people use Facebook than Twitter. Twice as many. Great storytellers are experienced after years of trial and error and the upper-age demographic growth favors Facebook over Twitter.

Younger-age social media consumers like Twitter and research shows they visit it once a day to see what’s “trending.”

And there you go. Twitter is about trending while Facebook is about presentation. A Twitter user seeks stories in the trend-of-the-day. More often that not, they click the link to stories in that trend that aren’t told on Twitter – and often times, that click is directed at Facebook posts.

I’m not even sure if Twitter is a good social media for promoting a third-party site for storytelling. All I know is the evidence points to Facebook as being the better site to tell stories. I may have proved that in an article I read from a blogger who claims Twitter is a great place to tell a story.

I commented on his article that it was more than the 280 characters permitted by Twitter in post. What was he going to do telling his story on Twitter, break it up into parts 1, 2, 3, etc.?

I got some of my research from this great article at WebsitePlanet.com.

Comment below if you think I am right or wrong about Twitter and if you think I’m wrong, show me great storytelling examples on Twitter. I think you’ll have a hard time doing so.

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Scott Simon, Simon Says Stories


EP 54: Why Twitter isn’t for Storytellers

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