EP 4: Simon Says Q&A with NPR Director Jay Pearce

Jay Pearce, a member of the NPR Board of Directors, will be a recurring guest on Simon Says regarding issues about Public Broadcasting, particularly National Public Radio.

This is the first of two parts. Bonus content will be available on Friday July 27.

Simon Says is a free service. All I ask is you share this with your friends who you know would be interested to hear from Jay and about issues of the day regarding broadcasting and community involvement.

Support is always welcome for this grass roots start up.



Email me at scott_simon@simonsaysstories.com with your questions and comments.

EP 4: Simon Says Q&A with NPR Director Jay Pearce

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3 thoughts on “EP 4: Simon Says Q&A with NPR Director Jay Pearce”

  1. Nice. Sounds like a trip to the Blackhawk Hotel is in order.

    Scott, I suggest you try to keep your episodes shorter, no more than 30 minutes. Split longer content into multiple episodes.

    1. Hi Joey, I agree with you that episodes should be shorter than 30 minutes. Almost made it, just five minutes over! I didn’t look at the clock that closely and the responses from Jay were so good we just kept going and going.

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