EP 29 Jack Klobnak Talks About Being an Entrepreneur

EP 29 Jack Klobnak Talks About Being an Entrepreneur

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Jack Klobnak is a St. Louisan who is an entrepreneur that helped create Laser Vision Centers 30 years ago.

Jack Klobnak helped create Laser Vision Centers. His SIU-Edwardsville class included long-time Tampa Bay Rays broadcaster Dewayne Staats

Laser vision was just surfacing as a new way for eye and sight care. Jack was in the right place at the right time and figured out a way with the help of partners how to make it accessible for us and to improve our quality of life.

Competition surfaced after seeing the success of Laser Vision Centers and as a result, Jack was able to retire well before Social Security age.

Everyone has had thoughts and dreams of being rich and famous. In this interview, Jack shares what everyone must do to get to a level he was able to achieve.

The American Dream is alive and well. Jack Klobnak proves it, and now is an author, check out his book, Mr. and Mrs. Medal of Honor. Enjoy the interview and share it with your friends, and buy Jack’s book as a Christmas present for someone special.

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