EP 12: Bonus Content: Essential Oils Healing Power with Jay Kersting

Jay Kersting is back for another episode of Simon Says, and it is a must-listen-to interview if you don’t believe Essential Oils have healing capability,

Not only is he sharing actual results of positive health changes since using these natural oils the past year, but Jay and his wife Kathy Shelton Kersting are official distributors of DoTerra Essential Oils.

Jay and Kathy wouldn’t sell it unless they experienced the wellness effects themselves, and that’s why they are Wellness Advocates for DoTerra.

When yours truly was hospitalized for 42 days in 2017 after nearly dying of double pneumonia and a massive heart attack, Jay brought a vial of an essential oil with an orange fragrance, my favorite scent. After having been in a coma for two-and-a-half-weeks, my senses were dulled by the the anesthesia I had been given so i could recover from the pneumonia.

It worked well. About a week after emerging from the coma, I was allowed to eat solid foods again. The smell and taste were amazing and it was that important because I had lost nearly 30 pounds and I was so weak with little muscle tone it would take another week before I could stand up with help.

Guys, think about DoTerra Essential Oils as a gift for your loved one. She’ll love it, and you also can get into the holiday spirit in December with DoTerra’s Frankincense!

As Jay and I often like to say while kidding around, “These are great products not found in any store!” And it’s true; DoTerra Essential Oils are not compromised by commercial marketing and sales in stores. They are sold by advocated like Jay and Kathy who will be more than happy to give a demonstration for you.

Simon Says is happy to have Doterra Essential Oils as our first advertiser. While listening to the episode and if you like what you hear, clock on this link and place an order, or if you have questions, email Jay and Kathy. 

Here’s another reason why you must listen to Jay talk about this: Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Jay will talk about whet essential oils can do for you.

Share this episode with your friends and family. It’s not just therapeutic for you, but a great gift for someone you know who will benefit from essential oils healing and wellness effect. And comment about the episode if you are a fan of healing oils,.

Simon Says is self-supporting. If you like what you hear in our interviews, and you have a generous feeling, please donate. Any amount will be welcome.

Enjoy the episode. I know you will learn a lot, that essential oils are more than just scents that smell good.

Scott Sinon, Simon Says


EP 12: Bonus Content: Essential Oils Healing Power with Jay Kersting

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