EP 14: On Labor Day, a Bipartisan Effort for Labor and Business

On Labor Day 2019, Simon Says focuses on the effort in Missouri where politicians from both major parties are working together to grow business and labor, instead of partisan bickering we hear too often.

The Hawthorn Foundation conducts trade missions and more. Steve Oslica is the Executive Director and is in his second year on the fob after a long successful career in international marketing for Pittsburgh Corning and H.B. Fuller.

Steve says he is enjoying the work very much and says at times, getting everyone together can be as challenging as “herding cats.”

I know you will enjoy the episode because it is far above the “I’m better than you” partisan political dialogue we hear too often. But you also will enjoy Steve in the future on Simon Says. He’ll be our travel subject matter expert. Let’s put it this way. He’s flown three million miles…on American Airlines alone. He’s travelled to all parts of the world several times and we look forward to his stories and tips how we can make our travel better.

But for now, enjoy hearing about a bipartisan effort to benefit labor and business.

Please share this on your social media timeline and let us know your opinion, or if you have a question for Steve.

Enjoy and hope you had a good Labor Day holiday.

Scott Simon, Simon Says


EP 14: On Labor Day, a Bipartisan Effort for Labor and Business

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