EP 51: Former Boeing Staffer Jim Bafaro Tells How Good Storytelling Enhances PR

Former Boeing public relations staffer Jim Bafaro says success in public relations depends on the ability to tell a story that grabs the attention of news organizations

Jim and I worked together at KMOX radio in St. Louis. He went on to a public relations career highlighted by work at Boeing.

Jim delivered results and the reason was his ability to tell a story, and he explains in this episode tells how he got the attention of newsmakers. One thing was his knowledge his market and its news organizations.

If you are a small business owner or manager who performs do-it-yourself-PR, this episode is for you.

One medium ignored that often delivers big results

Jim says one great way to get a public relations message out is call your local radio stations, especially if newspapers and television

Jim Bafaro’s radio experience was highlighted by work at legendary CBS station KMOX in St. Louis

stations have invisible walls. He says radio news departments appreciate it and appreciated the call and thus, deliver your story.

Radio (news departments) us a lot of one-man bands. You can’t get them necessarily to come out to cover your event, so we’ll bring someone to the phone to explain it to you so you can do that story and not have to expend that energy to drive out to our plant

Podcasters and bloggers are reminded you must perform public relations for your episodes, articles, and hosting sites. If you have questions about something public relations related, consider contacting a local chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, and you may reach out to Jim at his Linkedin page. and read his terrific blog articles on a variety of topics, proving that you must master great storytelling in the written, verbal and visual form. 

We hope you enjoy the transition of our podcast from telling stories to how to tell better stories. It gets people’s attention. We hope these podcasts get your attention.

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EP 51: Former Boeing Staffer Jim Bafaro Tells How Good Storytelling Enhances PR

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