The United States Bowling Congress board candidate list April 27 is excluding nationally-known leader Rick Ramsey who wants to be elected for the future of the sport.

He’s running a “nomination from the floor” campaign which is similar to a write-in method. I am using my editorial license using the “future of the sport” description of Rick’s effort because it’s the slogan the USBC uses to market itself. From my chair as a longtime creator of branding, it’s a weak statement for an organization that’s invited membership criticism for decades of declining participation – an estimated 85% drop since 1980. Include me in that list of critics, from my experience as local USBC association volunteer to paid staffer at the 2017 USBC Women’s Championships.

USBC has a toxic “good ‘ol boy” reputation. I use editorial license for that description because I know a key female staff member at their headquarters who’d be a better Executive Director than the current one. That guy is doing a great job of protecting his highly-paid job while at the same time insulting the game and membership. He surrounds himself with sycophants and the situation got to be so bad, it was highlighted in a viral article last year written by USBC Hall of Fame bowling performance member Jeff Richgels who is a good a journalist as he is a bowler.

We featured Jeff in two podcast episodes last year, about the Power of Online Journalism and How to be a Successful Blogger, based on his paid bowling blog, The 11th Frame. I’ve published the player for both episodes at the bottom of this article for those of you who have interest in journalism and blogging.

But enough about Jeff and me. This is about Rick and his grass root effort to be elected to the USBC Board of Directors. This is part one, letting you get to know Rick and some of the reasons why he wants to volunteer his time for the membership of the USBC.

Part 2 with Rick will be published a week from today, and will feature questions from USBC members. If you’d like to submit a question to Rick for part 2, you can do so at the Facebook page USBC Bowler’s Discussion Forum.

Rick and his wife annually conduct a great bowling event, The BTM, held in the city of the annual USBC Open Championships which this year is in Las Vegas. If you are going to bowl the USBC event, please bowl the BTM at the Gold Coast. It’s great preparation for the national tournament. And if you do well, you’ll win money and who doesn’t like that?

Enjoy. Bowlers, share this with your teammates and other bowlers, and come back for Part 2 on April 16. If you like what you read and hear on Simon Says, a small donation is appreciated.

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