USBC Board of Director candidate Rick Ramsey wanted to answer questions submitted by members at the Facebook USBC Discussion Forum.

The election is part of the USBC 2019 convention April 27-May 2 at The Orleans in Las Vegas.

Below is the first interview Rick appeared in earlier this month explaining the different process for him to be elected. Unlike government elections, the USBC procedure is for the board to screen candidates and make recommendations for open seats. Rick was not chosen by the screening panel and has been lobbying delegates to make sure he gets a shot at votes.

This is a must-watch for all USBC delegates, and a must-do share with delegates by USBC members who have come out in support of Rick’s candicacy.

I am undertaking the effort to publicize Rick due to his long and great standing in bowling, as a current director along with his wife Gayle for The BTM Tournament being held this spring at the Gold Coast Bowling center in Las Vegas. I was a USBC tournament staffer in 2017 and disappointed at the representation the organization has in leadership at many levels, doing things not done in similar venues.

Enjoy the interview and if you have questions for Rick, reach out to him at his Facebook page.




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