EP 11: Vegas Travel Tips for Novices by Jay Kersting

Jay Kersting, who was part of the announcement a few weeks ago debuting Simon Says, will be a regular contributor with tips for travelers choosing Las Vegas as a vacation destination.

He has worked in guest marketing services for resort casinos such as Aria and the Mirage. Simon Says starts this series for the novices – those who have never been to Las Vegas, or maybe just one short trip and didn’t get to do everything Vegas has to offer.

We’ll also tell you about a nearby casino city you might want to avoid. A tip in advance, the place is a stinker!

Jay is special for Simon Says because for nearly a month last fall, he was the voice of Simon Says, when I was stricken with a heart attack and in a coma for two-and-a-half-weeks and hospitalized for 42 days. Jay keep folks updated on Facebook about my recovery.

Jay is becoming famous; he is now listed in the IMDb database!

I hope you will enjoy the episode and join us later this week when Jay returns to talk about something else he specializes in marketing, and that is essential oils. You’ll want to listen to his story as he reveal some ailments that are kept in check with the regular use of essential oils.

In the meantime, when you listen to the interview, comment, like, share and subscribe.

Also, we seek small financial assistance to rebuilt our audio engineering, to give you the best possible sound with our guest we interview from remote areas of the country, and maybe in the future, the world!

EP 11: Vegas Travel Tips for Novices by Jay Kersting

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5 thoughts on “EP 11: Vegas Travel Tips for Novices by Jay Kersting”

    1. I miss the Stardust too and it was unreal when I rode by it last spring when they began tearing it down. But the one Strip casino I really miss is the Frontier. I don’t know why but I really liked that place.

      1. I wish I got to spend more time at both. The Stardust I visited only twice – Halloween 2004 when my ex and I first moved here. It was freezing and we went inside the lounge to keep warm and listened to a rock band. The second time was with my other ex two weeks before the hotel closed. I still have a Tiffany lamp on my desk that I bought from one of the shops.

        The Frontier I did not spend that much time in either. My second ex and I went to Gilley’s the final weekend they were open, but I had a heavy dinner at Maggiano’s and was afraid I would get sick if I rode the bull. LOL!

        That’s why I spent as much time at the Riv as I did (which I still think was not enough) and helped my friends launch the campaign to save the place because I didn’t do anything for the Stardust and Frontier. I knew it was a lost cause, but at least we spoke up and tried to preserve history.

        Great job with the podcast! Looking forward to the next installment! 🙂

        1. Darlene, isn’t is amazing how much Las Vegas changes every five years? I’m glad you mentinoed the Riviera, that too was another favorite place I went when visiting over the years. Thank you for the nice comments and thank you for being a part of the Simon Says family.

          1. My actor friend said that Las Vegas is like a movie set. Once one set has been used, another one is built in its place.

            You’re welcome. Glad to know you through social media. Looking forward to the future podcasts. 🙂

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