EP 13: When Journalists Become the Story

EP 13: When Journalists Become the Story

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Journalist behavior on the job these days can be a hotter topic than the stories they are covering. Some of their actions caught on video and audio with newsmakers hit the top of  viral video charts for viewership.

I was a reporter at a newspaper and several radio stations, most notably KMOX in St. Louis, as a sportscaster, and KMBZ in Kansas City, as a news reporter and won a regional RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Award for Journalism Excellence. I learned along the way not just how to be the best reporter for listeners, but how to act on the job with newsmakers and sources behind the scenes to create the background and facts required for the content in the story to have impact.

And what I learned as a reporter was to be quiet and sneaky, hide in the corners and observe. You’ll hear the complete description in the episode what this means and how it worked.

What I see today at times is a circus act. Dan Rather, the long-time CBS news anchor, had a quote in his 1975 book, The Camera Never Blinksthat the motto at CBS was “You are not the story.”

Now it appears reporters must be a part of the story, expecting us to watch and listen.

What makes this podcast different than the others produced so far on Simon Says is that I am a solo act on this one. No guest interview. i will do that from time to time on topics where I am the “Subject Matter Expert.” I am a jack-of-all-trades…and a master of some. Journalism is one of them. Don’t worry, there are sound clips in the podcast that help tell the story. You won’t be put to sleep just hearing me narrate.

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Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, and stay tuned for a special Labor Day episode when I’ll be joined by Steve Oslica, Executive Director of the Hawthorn Foundation in Missouri, and the topic will be Bipartisan Effort Works for Labor and Industry. 

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