I’m Scott Simon and Simon Says, tell better stories! Become a better storyteller. Learn the secrets of great storytelling.

I love to write, I love to broadcast. I have a wealth of well-rounded experience from print journalism and broadcasting. I learned from the best such as late sportscaster Jack Buck how to tell stories to audiences.

I’ve always loved to learn, and now I love to teach, and hopefully you will come to love what I teach and preach.

My podcasts changed focus and attention in May of 2019 from a podcasts of telling stories to podcasts of how to tell stories. Many friends and colleagues told me over the years I was a very good news reporter and sportscaster. I am humbled by their praise but it took me a long time to discover my purpose. I learned you didn’t want to hear great stories, you wanted to hear how to tell great stories. 

I succeeded as a news reporter and sportscaster because I was able to tell stories better than most. And anyone who has hung out with me over the years knows I love to tell stories when the microphone is turned off.

Sportscaster Jack Buck was the best storyteller

Many of you remember him as one of the best sportscasters that ever lived. But Jack was successful because he could tell stories better than just about anyone. Jack was an often-requested Master of Ceremonies. He made the spotlight shine on events and dignitaries. In his book, That’s a Winner, Jack wrote he learned how to tell stories and entertain audiences  the only year he lived and worked in St. Louis when He didn’t broadcast St. Louis Cardinals baseball. He had been fired in the off-season, just before Christmas 1959.

His gift was being booked as an MC for some 300 events in the St. Louis region. That was a source of income to replace what he had b been making as a radio play-by-play baseball broadcaster.

But Jack showed he was more than just scores and great plays. He was the first host of KMOX radio’s At Your Service program, hosting news and public service programs we know today as pretty common. In 1960, it was a rarity. His first guest on KMOX was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

You can’t be a news host coming from sports jobs to interview famous people unless you can tell stories, and Jack was the best. I learned more from him than I learned in school, and where I went to school was, and still is, a leader teaching broadcasting and storytelling.

I’m here to teach you how to be a great storyteller. These podcasts are designed to teach podcasters how to be great storytellers.

Tip #1 for great storytelling

You have to sell in order to tell. The best sales people are the ones who tell the best stories for customers, about their product or service, about people who use their product or service, and make those stories entertaining and engaging.

Sales people who use our great skill of storytelling make money. Now, you are going to learn that great storytelling takes sales technique. And in the long run, you will make money as a storyteller if you are willing to learn and persevere over time.

What you need to know about Scott Simon

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. It has a rich tradition of producing great communicators and talent. Jim Belushi. Melissa McCarthy. Bob Odenkirk, who worked at WIDB, the same campus station where I was sports director for two years. The folks I referenced are entertainers. You’ll have to master that too in storytelling and I’ll have plenty of great examples you can use right away.

Some of the bigger places I’ve worked in my career include KMOX St. Louis, KMBZ Kansas City, KDNL ABC 30 St. Louis, the Suburban Journals of Greater St. Louis, News/Talk 100 WNOX Knoxville, and Illinois Metro Networks.

I know you will enjoy what you hear. I know you will learn. Many of learned from me over the years when I held supervisory positions in newsrooms.

If you do, show your thanks with a small donation.

Enjoy, and I now return you to regularly scheduled programming.

Scott Simon