Samantha, Rest in Peace: July 2000 – March 19, 2019



Samantha, the longtime companion of Scott Simon, entered eternal rest in Rainbow Heaven on March 19, 2019

Samantha entered eternal rest in Rainbow Heaven on March 19, 2019

Samantha, the dear sweet kitty adopted by Scott Simon in August 2000, peacefully made her trip over the bridge to eternal Rainbow Heaven on March 29, 2019.

She was adopted in August 2000 by Scott Simon and Stephanie Rife, who was then his wife. The placement of Samantha for life-time loving care was made possible by the ex-wfie of Bob Thill, a longtime friend of Scott, who shared a broadcasting career in Kansas City and first met in 1975 while they worked  as rink guards at St. Louis County (Mo.) Greensfelder Rink.

Samantha lived a peaceful life of love, first in Kansas City, then in St. Louis, first at the home of Scott’s mom, then to a new home in St. Louis at A1 U Store it in Spanish Lake in 2013 where Scott worked as an onsite live-in Property Manager.

In August, 2017, Samantha made her final trip in life to Las Vegas where she lived with Scott until God’s calling to her to join him in Rainbow Heaven.

Samantha now her beloved soulmate Fuller, who was co-adopted with Samantha, and entered Rainbow Heaven in 2011.

Samantha was really good posing before the camera over the years. This isn’t the most focused picture, taken quickly in the bathroom tub where she liked to sleep

Samantha was best known for being the most gentle of cats, easily making friends with other kitties and doggies, such as Squeaky, the companion of Scott’s mom from February 1999-February 2012, the doggie companion Scott’s Aunt Retha “Babe” Thompson, and Maggie, the longtime companion of Gail Smith, Scott’s former companion.

As Samantha settles into her eternal life, Scott gives thanks to friend Nick Kasoff, for taking care of Samantha in Scott’s absence from March-August 2017, and to the Kersting family in Las Vegas, Jay, Kathy, Alex, and Ben, who took care of Samantha in September-October 2017 when Scott was hospitalized.

Thank you to LaPaloma Pet Cremation Services  in Las Vegas, for making it possible for Scott to have a part of Samantha until the day he is called to heaven.

In closing, Scott is said because Samantha’s new journey ends direct connections he had with others during her nearly 19 years of life but is happy she is at peace and in no pain.

For that, Scott asks that you make a contribution, financial or volunteered time, to the APA. It is the preferred agency for Scott and his late mother.

Scott’s closing wish is to care for God’s chosen furry friends in the way He wants us to do, but also to heed restraint and not undertake the care of them unless we are financially and mentally capable of doing so. It is unfair to them if we are not the best stewards for them to have happy lives.

Samantha lived a happy life and was loved by all. She cannot be replaced.



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  • Rest In Peace, Samantha. You were there for Scott when he needed you. And he was there for you. Our animal companions are such a part of our lives. Norman, Mr. Albert, Napoleon, Cleopatra, and I wish you a good journey across the rainbow bridge.

    1. Thank you. You and I share a lot in common but one question I have is why do we love cats so much? Is it because as reporters we spent a lot of time away from home where a dog needs constant care in a chat doesn’t?

  • It was a delight to have Samantha in my home those six months. She was truly a wonderful cat. I share your pain, and feel a small taste of your loss.

  • Scott – While not unexpected based on your recent posts, I’m still sorry to learn of Samantha’s passing. She was a wonderful companion, and you did an outstanding job of taking care of her, especially these last weeks.

  • Scott,
    Since your post said to comment here, I figured I’d follow directions. I’m sorry to hear about Samantha. She appeared to be a great kitty from all the videos you would post prior to the move to Vegas. Like I said recently, Jonica and I had to put our cat down last August after 9 years. It was rough. Hoping you find peace sir.

  • Scott, you need never feel guilty about what you did to care for Samantha. Oddly enough, I not only learned so much about your special kitty, but I gained more insight about what makes you tick in the past few weeks than I did when we were brother talkers at WGNU in St. Louis all those years ago. And that in itself was a true revelation of the real Scott Simon. Angie, Jessica, Missy and our cats Mamma Mia, Pepper, Mittens, Gordon and Ramona send our sympathy to you.

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