EP 23: Bonus Content with Jeff Richgels about Successful Blogging


Jeff Richgels in Episode 21 told us about his long successful career in newspaper journalism at Capital Newspapers in Madison, Wisconsin, and returns to talk about his his successful blog about the game of bowling, www.11thframe.com.

Jeff Richgels is the online editor for Capital Newspapers in Madison, Wisconsin, and also publisher of his own blog about the sport of bowling, www.11thframe.com

He’s arguably the premier bowling journalist in the country today, with phone book size list of sources cultivated from nearly four decades as one of the better bowlers in the country, with 30 Professional Bowlers Association regional titles and 8 United States Bowling Congress eagle titles, and was inducted into that organization’s Hall of Fame a few years ago.

Jeff proves that an “old school” journalist can easily transition to digital journalism. Simon Says was a fan of the late Cole Campbell’s public journalism more than 20 years ago. He was a decade ahead of his time. Mr. Campbell tragically died in a 2002 car accident and he would be remarkably surprised at the impact public journalism is making with the power of an online digital communication world. Jeff’s blog is a great example of this continuing transition how to engage people with a specific interest, topic or issue.

I hope you enjoy the episode; I truly enjoyed interviewing Jeff and know we could have talked for more than an hour on each issue you can find and listen to on Simon Says. He’ll be back with other issues to educate and inform us on the makeup of journalism today. I hope Simon Says will someday be as successful as www.11thframe.com.

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EP 23: Bonus Content with Jeff Richgels about Successful Blogging

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