EP 20: Travel Tip, What to Do Before Boarding the Plane

This episode and series topic is for you if you’re one who loves to travel and wants to learn tips makeing those trips more memorable.

Steve Oslica is the Travel Expert on Simon Says because he’s flown more than 3 million miles in his lifetime

Steve Oslica is the Travel Expert for Simon Says, having flown over 3 million miles. That’s not a misprint. He traveled the world for his gas-and-oil exploration companies. Steve knows more about travel on his worst days than 99.9 percent of others know on their best.

We start out this travel episode, beginning in your home or office, what to do before boarding the plane.

Most people remember details about their vacation and even the flight to-and-from. Not many remember the intricate details preparing for that trip.

Steve will be a recurring Travel Tip expert on Simon Says and it’s our goal to make the preparation process memorable, so that you do it right the first time, and repeat it.

Our Las Vegas travel episodes with Jay Kersting have been very popular. We expect these by Steve to be as well.



EP 20: Travel Tip, What to Do Before Boarding the Plane

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